For a Healthy Cholesterol Level

Lesterol® contains beta-sitosterol and stabilized Allicin.

Beta-sitosterol is one of hundreds of plant-derived “sterol”compounds (including sterols and sterolins) that have structural similarity to the cholesterol made in our bodies.

The most prevalent phytosterols in the diet are beta-sitosterol, compesterol and stigmasterol. Plant oils contain the highest concentration of phytosterols – so nuts and seeds contain fairly high levels and all fruits and vegetables generally contain some amout of phytosterols.

Perhaps the best way to obtain beta-sitosterol is to eat a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds (which obviously) brings numerous other benefits as well) or to take a daily dose of Lesterol®. Both of which can lead to:

Help to maintain normal choleserol levels
Immune system support (especially during stress)
Relieves allergies
Reduces cancer risk (prostate, breast, colon)
Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving activity
Relieves symptoms of enlarge prostate (benign prostaic hyperplasia, BPH)

How does Lesterol® work?

Both the plant sterol and stabilised allicin are thought to block the absorption of dietary and biliary cholesterol during the normal digestive process in the small intestine.

Allicin is also capable of preventing the deposit of bad cholesterol (LDL) into you mail arteries by preventing oxidations of naturally produced cholesterol.